Boynton Beach, FL Hair Color

Let’s define what corrective hair color or color correction means — it’s a color process performed by a professional hair colorist to correct damage caused by a color service gone wrong.

Maybe you wanted to be honey blonde, but ended up with platinum blonde hair. Perhaps you left the chemical on too long and now your hair is breaking off.  Did you color your hair at home and it turned black instead of the warm brown shown on the box?

Boynton Beach Hair Color Experts

 Boynton Beach Hair ColorThere’s a ton of reason why a color service goes wrong… You might not realize  your hair is porous and will absorb lots of color, or you might have been working with an inexperienced colorist who left the bleach on too long.

Maybe your hair was too damaged to begin with, and really needed deep conditioning and re-hydration prior to being colored or bleached.

All the reason why you should always seek a true hair color experts, like those at Suite 102 Salon and Spa.

Boynton Beach Hair Color

If you are looking for a corrective color service, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

If your hair is in a weakened condition, it may take several visits to achieve the final result. That is why it is called “corrective hair color / color correction”.