Ombre vs. Balayage – Boynton Beach Hair Salon Highlights

If you haven’t heard of it already, Balayage Boynton Beach is a term that is being used more frequently in Boynton Beach Hair Salons is becoming the industry standard for certain blonde looks.

Here at Suite 102 Hair Salon and Spa, we field a lot of questions about the difference between Ombre highlighting and Balayage. Wanting to clear the air, we decided to write this article.

Balayage Boynton Beach

So, what distinguishes Balayage from Ombre? Ombre means “a look or style” and balayage is the technique used to achieve a certain look or style.

At our salon, Boynton Beach Balayage is used to create an ombre look … and this lends to the confusion.

Hand-Painted Boynton Beach Balayage Highlights

Often times, women who are in search of a style of lightness to darkness or, natural and realistic looking blondes, are left wondering why they did not achieve the desired color they came to the salon to get.

Balayage highlights can start very close to the scalp and can be placed as needed throughout the hair. Baylayage can also start further away from the scalp (typically 4-6 inches) to achieve an Ombre feel.