Best Boynton Beach Men's Haircut

Best Boynton Beach, FL Men’s Haircut

Damn Good Haircuts

Suite 102 Salon and Spa brings luxury men’s haircuts to Boynton Beach and the surrounding areas.

When I get the best men’s haircut, as a guy, I look for two things — a great looking cut and an efficient use of my time. I’m not much for sitting around gossiping, I want to get in, get the job done, and walk out looking like a million bucks.

Boynton Beach Men’s Stylist

We’ve come to realize there’re three basic options for a guy’s haircut.

One option is “Sports Cuts” method, where a good-looking gal will cut your hair. What she might lack in experience, she’ll more than likely make the grade based on looks.

Unfortunately, your hair will pay the price.

Next up is the broad range of folks going about the business of providing salon services. From the mall to the corner shop, you never know what’s in store. Often a crap-shoot at best, I’m reminded of my Granny who said, “Only two weeks separates a bad cut from a good one.”

Yeah, but what about that meeting next week?

Many low-end barbershops and chain salons knocking out $12 haircuts are working based on volume, meaning to earn a good living a barber or stylist has to perform several haircuts an hour.

Top-of-the-line Suite 102 Salon and Spa Hair Cut

Which takes us to the third option, a premium Suite 102 Salon and Spa men’s hair cut. When it comes to our work, it’s like this … good things aren’t cheap, and all too often, you get what you pay for.

At Suite 102 Salon and Spa, we’re trained to cut men’s hair, it’s definitely not the same as cutting a lady’s hair — the shapes created for gals are softer and more feminine. Quite often, a stylist will attempt to “squeeze in” a quick men’s haircut while another client’s chemical service is processing.

Well-trained in the Art of Men’s Hair

Honed over decades of experience, we know that haircuts aren’t one size fits all. Individualized, we consider the client’s hair texture, how the hair falls naturally, face structure, and lots of other things.

In the end, we strive for the desired result that takes you to another level.


Cut and Finish

Relax with a top quality haircut and style which includes a hair wash with a scalp massage and hot towel.

Lasts 45 minutes


A luxurious, rejuvenating hot lather shaving experience. Let our master barber treat you during this 45-minute service.

Lasts 45 minutes

Hair Coloring

Take some of the gray out to maintain your natural hair color or make a bigger change. We’ll give you the look you want.

Lasts 15-60 minutes