Boynton Beach Hair Color Correction Gone Wrong.

“It looks so easy, I tried to do it myself. Now what?”

Professional Boynton Beach hair stylists and color experts can tell you horror stories about hair color gone wrong. The results can be from disappointing to totally awful. Some people even have allergic reactions to harsh color.

Bad hair cut Boynton BeachMany at-home color kits contains metallic fillers that make color correction difficult. The pH found in these boxes are also very damaging to your hair. Itesms such as henna can make it extremely difficult to change the color of your hair.

Better Boynton Beach hair salons are now using ammonia free hair color.

Hair color correction in Boynton Beach

Before our Boynton Beach professional colorist can correct your color issues, we’ll need to need to know as much as we can about your hair.

We’ll ask you about your prior chemical hair service history … did you get it done by a professional, or with your friends in the kitchen sink? We’re not making judgements, but rather just getting a handle on where we stand.

We will also inquire about:

  • How often you shampoo and condition
  • Which products you use, as high alcohol products are especially damaging to color treated hair
  • What styling products and tools you use

Stick with your colorist

It’s important to find and stick with a highly qualified colorist during the entire process. If you move from salon to salon, or try to finish the job yourself, you might end up with a “chemical haircut”.

Special care

As you’ve invested time and money to have your hair professionally colored, we highly recommend a follow up home care and treatment system. You owe it to yourself to care for it the best possible way.