We understand curly hair.

We understand the frustration of trying to get a good haircut when your hair is naturally curly. It can be a scary and sometimes disastrous experience.

Your curls are born unique.

Hair type and texture are determined by the nature and shape of your hair follicle.  A round follicle produces straight hair, while an oval follicle creates curly hair. If you’re born with a follicle that is flat or flat with a slight curve, you’ll have a tight or kinky curl pattern.

Because your curls grow differently, they need different care, cuts, and treatments than those for straight hair. Fundamentally, curls require internal moisture and nutrients to form and hold shape. Their natural angles, however, expose their cuticles, allowing natural moisture and nutrients to constantly escape, and chemicals and heavy ingredients to be easily absorbed. The result could be curls that are weighed down, dulled and distorted.

One-of-a-kind things deserve one-of-a-kind attention. Your unique curls need – and deserve – specialized products and stylist to realize their full potential.

Feed your curls /treat your curls

Your curls have wonderful bands, spirals, and kinks.

These angles expose curl cuticles, so all curls constantly lose essential moisture and nutrients. These angles also prevent natural oils and sebum produced by your scalp from traveling down each hair strand. This means all curls lack a degree of hydration and internal weight. The tighter the curl, the drier the curl.

All curls need a constant infusion of moisture and nutrients for optimal formation. But different curl patternsrequire different “prescriptions” for the ideal type and degree of nourishment. For example the moisture levels that tight curls crave would weigh down loose curls.

Understanding your curl type will help you to properly feed and nurture unique curls.

We do curly hair, and do it well.

We look at each individual curl and how it reacts. We take a sculptural approach and look at your hair dry because that is how we wear it. Curious? Make a consultation appointment and let us walk you through a fabulous line that is perfect for caring for curls in this humid Florida climate.

Once you meet us we are sure you will feel confident and see beautiful results.